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Drug Testing For Athletes
Drug Testing For Athletes

There is some good research that shows  there is a link between teen substance abuse and how well kids do in school. Teens who abuse drugs have lower grades, a higher absentee rate from school and other activities, and an increased potential for dropping out. By participating in extracurricular activities like athletics, taking music lessons, or joining the newspaper staff, teens have a framework for their free time. They are also involved with a network of coaches, teammates, bandmasters, and advisors who may be less tolerant of the use of illicit or illegal substances. While there is some debate about whether student-athletes, especially boys, are more susceptible to the influence of drugs from peers, most of the news is good.

Based on a 2002 Supreme Court decision, schools have the ability to do mandatory testing of students for drug use. While there is an expectation for high achieving students to be focused on their success in the extracurricular activities like sports, there may the the outlier that a parent or school official feels the need to be drug or alcohol tested. 

Parent Drug Testing can offer options.  We have a comprehensive menu of drugs, alcohol and steroids available for screening and confirmation.  We can set up a program for students to receive regular drug and alcohol testing  or we can offer a one time or occasional testing option to help identify any potential problems.  We invite you to call us and understand the options available to you. 800.338.5515