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Drug Testing Teachers
Drug Testing Teachers

Educators who spend the most time with our children are often not drug tested.  It's interesting when you consider drug testing has been commonplace in professions that require critical decision making skills, ranging from police officers to civil servants. 

Teachers have come under the gun in recent years over the issue of random drug testing. While some parents and education experts believe random testing is necessary to keep schools as safe as possible, many teachers believe these tests to be a gross violation of their privacy rights. While nearly all agree that a teacher who is behaving erratically or causing concern should succumb to a drug test, the idea of randomly testing teachers who are not under suspicion is not acceptable to most educators and teachers' unions.

Private schools may be more apt to do regular random drug testing to promote their efforts to ensure a drug-free workplace.  

While the debate on regular testing continues, Parent Drug Testing stands ready to provide any professional organization accurate and convenient drug and alcohol testing at their 8000+ locations nationwide.  We can work with any school just as we do with businesses to provide this service. We accept single test requests as well as setting up a regular program at a cost effective rate for those who see the benefit of being proactive. 

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.  800.338.5515