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Hair Testing
Hair Testing

Hair testing can be ideal for concerned Parents to test their adolescents especially if they are looking for a longer detections of drug use or abuse.  Hair testing can typically detect drug use back as far as 90 days and in some cases up to 9 months if hair is adequately long 4.5 inches.  The 9 month test requires 3 different collections segmented by the identified time segments.  Hair testing is a great tool when you wish to have zero tolerance drug use by your teen.


Advantages of Hair Testing

Hair testing is the absolute best way to determine long time use or abuse of drugs.

  • Hair testing only requires a small portion of the hair for testing.
  • Hair testing is done under direct supervision and observation so thwarts cheating that may occur with urine testing.
  • Suspicious parents could take hair samples from a brush if they know only their child has utilized.  This method can be used when the parent doesn't want the child to know they are drug testing them.  This method is for Parents informational use only and can't be rilied on for more than informational use only.
  • Hair testing is much more difficult than urine to substitute or adulterate as the collection is done under direct observation.
  • Hair testing provides 90 days of drug detection and can provide up to 9 months with proper segmentation which requires multiple sample collection and testing.
Disadvantages of Hair Testing
  • It takes 7-10 days for the drugs to metabolize and show up in the hair.
  • For Parents who are inquiring about recent use of drug use/abuse, hair testing is not the best method.
  • Hair testing is a more expensive method.