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Our Leadership

Philip J. Dubois is the Founder and CEO of Parent Drug Testing.  He has provided 25 years of excellence in service and support to thousands of employers, hospitals, Counselors, Parents and other stakeholders in the industry.   

Mr. Dubois has served the Drug and Alcohol industry for 25 Years.  He has worked in Sales, Sales Management, Enterprise Accounts and Executive Management.  His passion is the Youth of America and has volunteered in numerous positions as Coach, Mentor, Manager, Treasurer, Chairman in all types of youth sports and other endeavors.

Mr. Dubois has worked in the drug and alcohol testing industry since 1992.  He is an expert in the field of drug testing, how durgs affects the human anatomy and is a Parent of two incredible kids.   Mr. Dubois is a Former Executive Board Member and Chairman of Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, Inc. (DATIA).  DATIA is a 1,600 member Washington D.C. based group.  As Chairman, he championed the effort for the employer's rights to a safe and drug free workplace and the families right to safe and drug free roads.