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Oral Fluids Testing
Oral Fluids Testing

Oral fluid testing is increasing becoming more popular.  With the advent of being approved for SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) and soon to be approved by Department of Transportation (DOT) .  Oral fluid is great deterrent for cheating since the collection is observed and eliminates cheating without the indignity of an observed collection.

Advantages of Oral Fluids Testing
  • Oral fluid testing only requires a small amount of oral fluid for collection.  Oral fluid collections are directly observed in a dignified manner.
  • Oral fluid testing eliminates cheating including sample adulteration,  substitution and dilution.
  • Oral fluid testing is more suitable for recent use and closer to "under the influence" than traditional urine testing.
  • Sample collection, storing and shipping is more convenient for labs and collection sites.
  • Oral fluid testing allows for a dignified collection and isn't considered intrusve or invasive.
  • Oral fluids can be collected at your house. 
Disadvantages of Oral Fluids Testing
  • Shorter window of detection than either urine or hair.  However, the cheating factor with urine can yield a higer positive rate than urine in many studies and in employer use.
  • Doesn't find patterns of habitual or long term use as hair testing can.
  • Happens rarely, but donors can have shy saliva glands and not provode an adeauate sample size.
  • Not current approved for DOT Testing.
  • More costly than urine test.