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What To Expect
What To Expect

Even if you think your children are not "doing" drugs, they are getting more and more peer pressure to "begin" doing "try" drugs. The sad situation for drug and alcohol use among our pre-teens and teens, is going on all around them.   It is happening in your city, in you kid's school, and maybe it is happening in your family.

When you ask your teen about their drug or alcohol use, you can expect to hear a "no."  One way to have confirmation is to let them know that you want to make sure  by setting up a drug test for them.  Let them know that you understand the peer pressure.

Talk about the statistics, and let them know you don't want them to be one of those statistics.  Sit them down and explain quietly but firmly of your decision to begin randomly testing them.  Let them know that all they have to do when offered any drugs or alcohol, they can refuse by letting their friends know that "my parents randomly drug test me.“

Parent Drug Testing has more than 8000 collection sites nationwide. A lab test professionally collected and tested by a SAMHSA certified lab will give you peace of mind and reduce any errors with an over-the-counter drug test from the local pharmacy. 

The results will be confidentially sent to you and you can choose to share with whom you wish.